You have stumbled on a distant star, in the deep corner of space.....the inner most secrets of my Life.
embedded in the puzzle of my mind lies the answers to your questions.......ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO KNOW?


I was born.....rejected by my biological parents....left in an unknown building...cared for by strangers.  Cold.....unwanted....I started my journey in life.  One day some strangers came by .....picked me up,  smiled and took me into their hearts.

My new life began.  Little did I know at this time....the love they shared with me....shaped my life.
As I grewI began to realize how important they became in my life.  I had a Mom and a Dad!

The years went byI began to reason...wonder....take chances..........I became a rebel.
I started Catholic school in grade 2 and continued till grade 5 and this time...I became too much for the school and my parents to handle.

The principal of the school recommended a military school ran by Brothers.

I knew from that time on I was a gift put on this earth......I became very 11 and 12 years old.  Soon...I took more and more chances.....I started swearing.....rebelling against authority.  The military school said enough......called my parents and asked them to take me.  I went back to catholic grade school for 7th and 8th grade.
By the time I reached high school......the world was mine and I knew it.....the only thing on my mind was girls.. grades were mediocre.....I passed only because I knew I had to.

Soon I  joined a local gang....and quickly became the treasurer.....the name of the gang was the Iron Society....we wreaked havoc in the local area such as pranks....partying and fighting other gangs that tried to move in.

I met a girl in my  junior year....I loved her the moment I set eyes on her ..  we married....soon we had a child.

A beautiful baby girl , our daughter.

By a twist of luck...I happened to make it through those years and finally graduated high school.


We divorced not quite 2 years after the baby was born due to our age, insecurity and in-law interference.
To this day, she has a part of my heart.

I joined the Navy when I hit 21 and travelled the Mediterranean......France, Turkey, Greece, Italy and many more far away lands.
I never went back home except to visit.  I stayed in the Navy for 6 years