You sure have traveled far to find me here.  The planet you have found shows you where I feel.
I yearn for a close friend
and soul mate, but keep my distance for my solitude. I seek out visitors, but hide.  My world is small but vast at the same time. I ache inside, but am content.

Somehow I do not want to be found, but yet I hope I am.
My pleas for companionship go unanswered.

So, here I am, deep in space, mankind is so far from me.  My location is known but to far to travel.

I cry for someone to find me and understand me, but at the same time, I am scared.

I gaze out into the stars and see many go by, but never do they stop, because where I live is so small and hidden.

My heart is big, my yearning is vast,but my presence is small and goes unnoticed.

So here I live on this tiny star, by myself; the one.

Someday I hope that the person I seek will find me.  That person will comfort me, and I her.  We will be one

and I will leave my small world and return with her and to her and in her.

Farewell Traveler